A New Liturgy is our attempt to create holy space wherever we find ourselves.  A moveable, sonic sanctuary.  Released quarterly, each Liturgy is a 25 minute journey of music, prayer, scripture, and space that helps open us to The Almighty in any location, season, community, or emotion.  I really need this.

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Get the first five liturgies (both download and physical CDs), plus many many extras: Remix EP 1-3, four videos, “Creation (live on a Sunday)" recording, and chord charts.

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What Is It?


Talking and listening... communing and connecting with God... prayer is at the center of A New Liturgy. Most of us don't need more information, but a holy container to engage with what we already know. A sacred space to meet with the God who has been here all along. Each liturgy attempts to initiate a conversation with God and then get out of the way.


Each liturgy is carried by a musical score that serves as a soundtrack for our prayer and reflection.  While we pull from a wide influence of styles and genres, the original inspiration was:

What if a piano-based indie rock band lead a Catho-Protestant Mass?


We believe that scripture is one of the primary ways that God speaks to and guides us, and so each liturgy is anchored in the text.

Who Is It For?


There are times where being left to our own thoughts and prayers isn't enough, and we need to be pastored.  Whether walking on the bike trail or driving to work or cleaning the house, A New Liturgy helps create holy space anywhere.

Small Group

We're discovering that many of these prayers and songs are meant to be declared together in the safety and solidarity of a community. Whether gathering around a dinner table or studying the scriptures together in a living room, A New Liturgy can give shared language to the journey of a small group of believers.

Church Body

There is something supernaturally powerful about a unified church listening, singing, and speaking the same prayers together. And when all the various parts flow into one shared journey, pastored by the liturgy but empowered by the Holy Spirit, the redemptive possibilities are quite beautiful.

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